I've been using vdr for a number of years now, mainly keeping abreast
of the latest development versions. However, I "missed" the upgrades
that incorporated FHS standards (busy with other stuff, etc.).

I'm currently running vdr-1.7.29 (I think the last version before the
changes) but think I should take the plunge and upgrade. I did do some
very quick tests with vdr-2.0.3 but could never work out which config
files to move where!

Is there any simple way of working out which files go in CONFDIR and
what goes in CACHEDIR, for example?

Or is the easiest method to backup all of my current config files,
build with my set of plugins, fire it up, and then see what new config
files get created where and copy over the original set?

Or I could just grep the source for config and cache.

Others must have made this transition so any tips would be greatly received.



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