Am 04.11.2013 17:17, schrieb VDR User:
>>> Hi,
>>> Have a look to Make.config.template if you want to use vdr 2.x like 1.6
>>> running in one single dir!
>> Yeah, I saw that sort of thing is doable but it's probably worth my
>> while doing things "properly" to fit in with the current way of
>> thinking.
> It's not `improper` to keep the same pre-FHS structure. A lot of
> people don't care about FHS. I personally don't like files spread out
> all over the place. Instead I prefer things be kept in a single
> location so things are easy to keep track of. For that reason, I also
> use ONEDIR=1 in my vdr Make.config. I didn't have to move any files
> anywhere and upgraded VDR with no problem.
> Don't do something because someone else does it. Do it because it's
> what you actually want. If you don't want it that way, why force
> yourself to go against your own preference? Especially if you're using
> linux where anything goes.

 And I'm pretty sure vdr will always support the "one directory" setup, because 
Klaus is using it (as far as I know).


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