Am Sun, 14 Sep 2014 12:02:09 +0200
schrieb Thomas Maaß <>:

|I use epgsearch's searchtimer to record my favorite series.
|But there could be a problem when using automatic shutdown
|and wakeup. When there is no event in the current epg, the
|searchtimer will not be updated any more. The shutdown script
|will get no wakeup time, because there is no timer. The VDR will
|do no wakeup, and no more searchtimer records will be done.
|Maybe an option could be added to VDR to force a boot once a
|day. When the next timer is later than a specific time, set the
|wakeup time to this time. So you could make sure, that VDR is
|booted once a day, and the searchtimer could be updated. No
|searchtimer recording would be lost.


for this special epgsearch szenario, i have written a very minimalistic
autotimer plugin. If you are interested I can post it.


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