Am 14.09.2014 12:02, schrieb Thomas Maaß:
> Maybe an option could be added to VDR to force a boot once a
> day. When the next timer is later than a specific time, set the
> wakeup time to this time. 

You could hack this into the shutdown script itself.

Tomorrow=$(($(date +%s)+86400))

would be the time in exactly 24 hours, and in the same epoch format as
the $1 parameter of the shutdown script. So if $1 equals 0, or $Tomorrow
is less than $1, use $Tomorrow instead.

For completeness, you can also tell VDR that this is the actual expected
boot time, by modifying setup.conf *after* VDR terminated:

sed -i -e "s/^NextWakeupTime = .*/NextWakeupTime = $Tomorrow/" setup.conf

That way, VDR will wake up with no timer nearby, and as it just don't
know what went wrong, it'll shut down again 6 minutes later.



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