I want to publish a maintenance release for Permashift 
(http://ein-eike.de/vdr-plugin-permashift-english/) and 
thought about including some translations. I've already 
got German, English and Russian. 
If you'd like your favorite language to be included, it's as 
easy as translating the following 7 texts. For support of 
SD TV displays it would be good to have every line except 
the first two to be smaller than say 35 characters, if possible.

Full line texts
* "Permashift out of memory!"
* "Press key to continue permanent timeshift"
Short texts
* "Auto-buffer live TV"
* "Enable plugin"
* "Memory buffer size"
* "Buffer saving blocks rewind"
(This means that pressing rewind results first in saving of the 
whole buffer and rewinding has to wait for that time. To be 
honest, I found that hard to express that short even in my 
mother language...)
* "Maximum recording length (hours)"


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