> I find the English string ambiguous, as in "Verbing weirds language" or
> "Time flies like an arrow".
> I guess that "blocks rewind" is verb+noun here, instead of noun+verb.
> If that is the case, I think that you should write "Buffer saving blocks
> rewinding" to make it more clear. Or maybe even:
> "Rewinding saves buffer first" (omitting "the" to keep it short).

You're right, and as too long text is cut at the end, "Buffer saving blocks
rewinding" isn't any worse than "Buffer saving blocks rewind".

> or even a graphical symbol "<<" (ASCII) or "◀◀" (two U+25C0) in place of
> "Rewind". (I did not find any media-control characters in Unicode,
> except U+23CF EJECT SYMBOL.)

That's a cool idea, I'm just unsure how many compromise I should take
for the SD TV watchers, which I don't know how many there are, but
surely won't become more over time. And HD users got lots of space
for the texts. So I'll guess, SD users (like me) will have to live with some
texts cut at the end.

Thanks for your translation!


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