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>> Dynamite is used by all yaVDR users.
>> Restfulapi is now part of OpenELEC.
> They sound successful. Unfortunately
> is
> just an advertisement for yavdr and gives no actual information on
> what exectly restfulapi does. From what I could find searching
> elsewhere, it's just an alternative way to display epg information
> (returned as json or xml formatted). Is this correct?

 Please have a look at:

 It's a plugin for communicating with and controlling vdr with http-request, so 
it's a good counterpart for webapps on
smartphones, tablets etc.. There are also the one or other webapp using it, so 
you can benefit from a new user interface
to vdr. It's not just displaying the OSD on a remote screen, it's used for a 
new kind of menu to control the most common
tasks of vdr like browsing EPG, manage timers, view/edit recordings...

 You won't be able to use plugins like tvguide or femon etc. as long as the 
won't publish their data in some way,
restfulapi can consume (via some servicecall or something) and put it into 
json/xml, so the remote can display it in
some useful way.

 For streaming streamdev is used. There were some nice features added to 
streamdev, for example now recordings can be
started at some arbitrary timestamp.

 Here's an announcement of an actual app (unfortunatly in german):

 But this all is not a real replacement for xineliboutput/vdr-sxfe (to come 
back to topic...). :)


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