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>Van : marko.mak...@iki.fi
>Datum : 17/04/2015 11:51
>Aan : vdr@linuxtv.org
>Onderwerp : Re: [vdr] from xineliboutput to ... perhaps softhdddevice?
>On Fri, Apr 17, 2015 at 09:25:22AM +0300, Füley István wrote:
>>I know, it's not a proper answer for your problem, but I think at the 
>>moment the best native vdr client is a Raspberry Pi with Thomas 
>>Reufer's great plugin. It's small, cheap and (using with vdr) it's 
>Speaking of small and cheap, does anyone have such a VDR server?  
>Something like an Allwinner A20 with SATA hard disk for the recordings, 
>and a USB DVB-T/T2/C adapter, and using the built-in IR receiver and 
>HDMI output? I have been dreaming of that, but I guess my almost 
>15-years-old 900 MHz Celeron box just refuses to die. :) There even are 
>ready-made cases for a SATA disk and the Cubieboard3 (Cubietruck).
>For client, I am using the Samsung SmartTV plugin. Not good for heavy 
>use due to the bad SmartTV platform, but bearable. Recordings cannot be 
>edited via it, and subtitles do not work.
>       Marko
That would be me. I have an alwinnerA20 with 3 DVB-T USB receivers. I use 
vdr-xineliboutput and vdr-sxfe on the same machine. It works, but it uses the 
CPU for playback. I am told it should be possible to use softhddevice, but I 
have not yet tried it.

Also, there's something going wrong with the DVB-T receivers, I have to 
power-down-and-up my machine every week, some special memory in the kernel 
fills up. Also, when I do a warm reboot (while the receivers remain powered) 
the initialization goes wrong somehow, and the pre-amplifier in the receivers 
is not enabled, and usually vdr can't use the receivers. My receivers are the 
PCTV NanoStick 73e SE (solo) 

Performance for recording encrypted shows is OK, I have recorded 3 encrypted 
shows at the same time without problems. Also, copying files using samba to and 
from the sata harddrive is not noticable while also watching, and recording TV. 
My board has 100Mb network, and I see consistent 11MB/s read and write 
performance. Write performance on the uSD card is terrible, even with a class 
10 card. Updating debian on the card takes patience.

Kind regards,

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