Can you please discuss this further off the list? I think this is going way beyond the purpose of the list and I think I might not be the only one that is not interested in following this argument on the list.

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Am 16.04.2015 16:09, schrieb VDR User:
Restfulapi and dynamite were the projects I had in mind, thanks Lars. And
restfulapi was a starter for even two more fellows.

I've never heard of Restfulapi. Dynamite I've at least heard of but
until Lars post, had no clue what it did.

And just in case that you will tell now that nobody needs that, then you
talk only for yourself.

I haven't made any comment at all along those lines. There's
absolutely no reason for you to think that based on anything I've
said. Maybe you're trying to project your own opinions onto me. Or
just making things up and then commenting on it. Who knows.

Dynamite is used by all yaVDR users.
Restfulapi is now part of OpenELEC.

They sound successful. Unfortunately is
just an advertisement for yavdr and gives no actual information on
what exectly restfulapi does. From what I could find searching
elsewhere, it's just an alternative way to display epg information
(returned as json or xml formatted). Is this correct?

The dynamite plugin sounds like it would help speed up the VDR start
process. I would imagine something like that would be necessary
if/when VDR gets a real server/client upgrade. I would hope so
anyways! I'll probably wait until Lars does the rework he mentioned
before I try it.

Are you man enough to confess that you are wrong? I doubt that, you will
surely find some excuses.

What exactly do you think I was wrong about? That I'm "genuinely
curious who you talked into learning to code, and what
projects they've done", or that " I expected nothing more than the
completely predictable response you
gave"? Maybe you're referring to, "people love making claims like that
but hate backing them up"? Nothing I've said is wrong or untrue.
There's nothing to `confess`, as you put it.

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