2015.04.17. 10:24 keltezéssel, Patrick Boettcher írta:
Hi all,

And you are using streamdev-server on your vdr-host (which has all the
DVB-cards) and client on the RPI?

Yes, this is the basic arhitecture, but it is changing for time to time :)
I have 4 DVB-S2 cards on my headless server, which runs a plain vdr with streamdev-server. The clients are 3 Raspberries, one of them is on wireless, the other 2 on Ethernet. One of the Raspberries (an RPI 2B with 1GB ram) has a local USB DVB-S2 adapter too, but it's also runs the stremdev-client.



PS. To your other topic: there is no problem running xineliboutput and streamdev-server on the same vdr. I used this configuration for years.

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