Actually cedarX hw decoding was another question I forgot in my
previous post. I've read that it's working in linux but I didn't know
if any output devices supported it (yet)?. Was hoping softhddevice
does, or would if I sent Johns an A20. :)

On Fri, Apr 17, 2015 at 11:17 AM, Cedric de Wijs
<> wrote:
> On 4/17/2015 2:13 PM, VDR User wrote:
>> For those of you using Raspberry Pi or Allwinner boards, how is osd
>> performance? If the osd is fast & smooth, I'm interested in building
>> a couple vdr setups like those (maybe Raspberry Pi 2. Rpi is just too
>> slow). Any degrade in performance is a deal-breaker for me.
>> Thanks
> Hi,
> OSD performance is not an issue on an allwinnerA20, with one exception. I
> have 640GB SD recordings. The first time after VDR startup, opening the list
> with recordings is a bit slow (about a second). This is on a olimex A20
> board, running both the VDR server and xineliboutput and vdr-sxfe.
> Come to think of it, I heard codi (xbmp) has support for hardware decoded
> video playback on the A20, and vdr has support for xbmc via
> vdr-plugin-vnsiserver. Is there anybody who has taken this route? How did it
> go?
> the other route I heard of is VDR+softhddevice via vdpau and cedarX. Has
> anybody got this running on an A20? Does it actually yields accelerated
> video playback?
> I have managed to use mplayer to playback my recordings using cedarX, but
> that's some time ago:
> Kind regards,
> Cedric

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