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Actually cedarX hw decoding was another question I forgot in my
previous post. I've read that it's working in linux but I didn't know
if any output devices supported it (yet)?. Was hoping softhddevice
does, or would if I sent Johns an A20. :)
I suppose you missed that vdr + softhddevice libvdpau-sunxi is working on A10/A20 hardware already and makes these devices nice fanless energy saving vdr clients. Including deinterlacing.

So first, forget the cedarx binaries and take a look at http://linux-sunxi.org/Cedrus There is a libvdpau backend driver for A10/A20 devices, that supports hardwares accelerated video decoding and presentation. With johns' help we tried to improve that piece of code in the last few weeks and have now something, that is working very well imho. But it's not finished yet and not all vdpau functions are implemented. Because of the way libvdpau-sunxi uses the hardware, there are still some limitations, especially when working in windowed mode. But it's quite good useable.
You may give it a try: https://github.com/rellla/libvdpau-sunxi

There are already a few threads and howtos in the german vdr-portal.de and in vdr-wiki.de iirc. It also should be no problem to make a vdr server out of one of these boxes. It's nothing else than linux on an arm box. I recommend to take a device, that has sata and put your rootfs there instead of sd card or nand. And maybe you will have some limitations due to the bandwidth (usb etc.) as with the other arm boxes as well.


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For those of you using Raspberry Pi or Allwinner boards, how is osd
performance? If the osd is fast & smooth, I'm interested in building
a couple vdr setups like those (maybe Raspberry Pi 2. Rpi is just too
slow). Any degrade in performance is a deal-breaker for me.



OSD performance is not an issue on an allwinnerA20, with one exception. I
have 640GB SD recordings. The first time after VDR startup, opening the list
with recordings is a bit slow (about a second). This is on a olimex A20
board, running both the VDR server and xineliboutput and vdr-sxfe.

Come to think of it, I heard codi (xbmp) has support for hardware decoded
video playback on the A20, and vdr has support for xbmc via
vdr-plugin-vnsiserver. Is there anybody who has taken this route? How did it

the other route I heard of is VDR+softhddevice via vdpau and cedarX. Has
anybody got this running on an A20? Does it actually yields accelerated
video playback?

I have managed to use mplayer to playback my recordings using cedarX, but
that's some time ago:

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