> Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2015 04:43:32 -0300
> From: chrodrig...@gmail.com
> To: vdr@linuxtv.org
> Subject: [vdr] Which DVB-S / DVB-S2 cards are recommended?
> Hello! I'm new to satellite systems, so I would like to buy a cheap
> card, considering decrypting streams.
> The question is about which hardware is recommended to run with VDR,
> that can decode encrypted traffic

Considering that not all *official* CI-modules are supported, I'll go for the 
assumption it is.

But from personal experience you really can't go wrong with DVB-adapters 
proviced by MYSTIQUE, DVBSky and/or DIGITAL DEVICES.

IMHO stay away from TBS devices, I have horrible experiences with the drivers 
for the TBS5980 and some other models. Although the opensource drivers are 
better, the cards are far from stable.

> Thanks in advance!
> -- 
> Lic. Christian A. Rodriguez
> @car_unlp

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