Am 18.08.2015 um 18:52 schrieb Lucian Muresan:
> On 12.08.2015 09:28, wrote:
>> My recommendation hardware-wise would be Vuplus Duo2 or similar
>> Linux/'Enigma' set-top box (STB). I think VDR is ported to Vuplus (and
>> similar STBs platforms) if you want to run VDR. But the information of this
>> seems to be in German.
> This sounds very interesting, can you please give some links to good
> information on this, even in German? Is it rather some WIP status (you
> stated you "think" VDR is ported), or does it actually work?

I'm very interested in this too. Vuplus Duo2 seems to be the perfect
hardware for a VDR system. As far as I know, VDR itself can be compiled
for the box, but OSD did not work yet. See this discussion on german
vdr-portal (with links to bitbake recipes):

Side-Note: My AVR requires analog YUV output but my old Fujitsu-Siemens
DVB-S 1.3 FF card with J2 extension board started to get unstable in the
last year. So I switched to Vuplus in January. Well ... It's quite ok,
stable and fast, you have HbbTV and stuff... but sometimes I miss VDR a

I'd like to see VDR being ported to this box, but using Vuplus has not
been painful enough for me to try that by myself. ;)


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