> The question is about which hardware is recommended to run with VDR, that
can decode encrypted traffic

My recommendation hardware-wise would be Vuplus Duo2 or similar
Linux/'Enigma' set-top box (STB). I think VDR is ported to Vuplus (and
similar STBs platforms) if you want to run VDR. But the information of this
seems to be in German. 

I abandoned VDR after 11 years of running it for Duo2+OpenVix. VDR UI was/is
still nice to use but it had too much hassle to setup and when my DVB-PCI
cards started decaying (giving stream errors) and I wanted high quality
1080p HD the choice was obvious.

If VDR wants to florish, I think that is the direction VDR should go so it
should be easy install packets to Linux STBs with good documentation and
support by VDR developer :). But <= is just an opinion, competition is hard
on that side..

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