>> My recommendation hardware-wise would be Vuplus Duo2 or similar 
>> Linux/'Enigma' set-top box (STB). I think VDR is ported to Vuplus (and 
>> similar STBs platforms) if you want to run VDR. But the information of 
>> this seems to be in German.

> This sounds very interesting, can you please give some links to good
>  on this, even in German? Is it rather some >WIP status (you stated you
> VDR is ported), or does it actually work?

I think comes from that google search returned something on duo2 + VDR. But
discussion is in German which I don't understand and too lazy to use google
translate because I nowadays run OpenVIX on Duo2. 

But iff (if and only if) VDR works 100% on Duo2 platform I might switch to

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