Hi Klaus,

well, you're right it's a hack, but IMHO not really an ugly one. A similar 
function is up today part of some premium products from Loewe or Metz, bonding 
two DVB-S/S2 tuners.

Originally it was limited to two devices, what really can make sense. I have 
never seen any reason to make that bonding available almost unlimited. For me 
it doesn't make sense to tie more than two adapters onto same ZF level. And 
you're right, today seems with SCR (EN50494 & EN50607) or SAT>IP more elegant 
solutions available.

But, it would be cool to keep it for that specific two DVB-S/S2 tuner setup, if 
possible. There might be people out there, having just one SAT cable in their 
apartment and not the possibility to change the that. They would keep their 
chance to run "1,5 DVB-S/S2" adapters with VDR ...

Just my two cents.

Happy new year 2017 to all VDR fans following that Mailingslist.


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Betreff: [vdr] [POLL] Is anybody actually using "device bonding" (aka "LNB 

Implementing "device bonding" (formerly known as "LNB sharing") has had quite 
an impact on VDR's dvbdevice.c, and made the code quite a bit more complex. 
Since this feature is really just an ugly hack, and it makes much more sense to 
provide each device with its own antenna cable, rather that connecting two or 
more devices to the same cable and having to limit them to the same 
polarization and frequency band, I'd very much like to remove that code from 
VDR's source.

I would therefore like to know if there are any users who actually use this, 
and *really* need it.


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