VDSM sync meeting May 6th 13:30 UTC

Federico says that he can't see anything pending for 3.2. Tomorrow 3.2.2 will
be released. If anybody has anything pending push and ping Federico today.

Storage is working on completing the feature pages, after that they will link
them in the oVirt release management page.
Dan suggests to link the feature pages in their incomplete state to get more

Yaniv states features for oVirt-3.3 to be reported. Splitting supervdsm is
going to be one of them. Needs reviews.

Yaniv discussed the libvirt connection getting wrapper. We are still looking
for a better solution that doesn't involve a special cif instance.

Vinzenz hints Yaniv that for his cpopen that he needs to talk in fedora-devel
for the package to be reviewed there.

Infra has been working on improving vdsm utils for out of process execution.

The git master breakage from Mark Wu's patch was reverted and Giuseppe 
Vallarelli has made a unit test for preventing future patches from breaking
master by importing vdsm/ modules from lib/vdsm.

Vinzenz to ask on the list about the jsonrpc model.

Libvirtvm.py and vm.py to be verified by Vinzenz and QE to be thoroughly tested
this week.

Vinzenz points out that vdsClient is completely out of sync with the schema. 
Dan mentions that Zhou Zheng Sheng has probably had some success with that. To
be presented in the Shangai workshop.

Adam has automatically generated bindings that need review and should be given
a push. Also vdsm schema verification has some work already done that should be

We should put effort in bringing up possible changes/inconsistencies in the
schema relative to the way the api is evolving.

Toni to copy the agenda of the workshop in the mailing list. (DONE)
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