On Mon, May 06, 2013 at 08:12:50PM -0400, Antoni Segura Puimedon wrote:
> VDSM sync meeting May 6th 13:30 UTC
> Federico says that he can't see anything pending for 3.2. Tomorrow 3.2.2 will
> be released. If anybody has anything pending push and ping Federico today.
> Storage is working on completing the feature pages, after that they will link
> them in the oVirt release management page.
>     http://wiki.ovirt.org/OVirt_3.3_release-management
> Dan suggests to link the feature pages in their incomplete state to get more
> feedback.
> Yaniv states features for oVirt-3.3 to be reported. Splitting supervdsm is
> going to be one of them. Needs reviews.
> Yaniv discussed the libvirt connection getting wrapper. We are still looking
> for a better solution that doesn't involve a special cif instance.
> Vinzenz hints Yaniv that for his cpopen that he needs to talk in fedora-devel
> for the package to be reviewed there.

Ofer, maybe you too can help us out with the review of
    Bug 903246 - Review Request: cpopen - Creates a subprocess in
    simpler safer manner
and its acceptence into Fedora?

> Infra has been working on improving vdsm utils for out of process execution.
> The git master breakage from Mark Wu's patch was reverted and Giuseppe 
> Vallarelli has made a unit test for preventing future patches from breaking
> master by importing vdsm/ modules from lib/vdsm.
> Vinzenz to ask on the list about the jsonrpc model.
> Libvirtvm.py and vm.py to be verified by Vinzenz and QE to be thoroughly 
> tested
> this week.
> Vinzenz points out that vdsClient is completely out of sync with the schema. 
> Dan mentions that Zhou Zheng Sheng has probably had some success with that. To
> be presented in the Shangai workshop.
> Adam has automatically generated bindings that need review and should be given
> a push. Also vdsm schema verification has some work already done that should 
> be
> resumed.
> We should put effort in bringing up possible changes/inconsistencies in the
> schema relative to the way the api is evolving.
> Toni to copy the agenda of the workshop in the mailing list. (DONE)

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