Nymph fishermen VS dry fly fishermen

Two good friends go fishing together, one a nymph fisherman and the 
other a dry fly fisherman, both believing strongly in catch and release. 
Not wanting to get in each other's way they decide that one will fish 
upstream and the other down, and at an appointed time, meeting back at 
their starting point and tell of their success.

Question 1.  Which was more apt to fish upstream and conversely, which 
was more apt to fish downstream and Why ?

Question 2.  Which one would come closer to telling the truth about his 
catch and why ? Notice that I said 'come closer' for most of us 
occassionally stretch the truth about our fishing success.  

Example:  If I was skunked and asked by my Bud, " How many fish did you 
catch, Jim?  " and I said, " Not many " That wouldn't be bald-faced lie, 
so there you go.  " But,  If I'd answered  'a few'  that would have been 
a bald-faced lie.Get the idea ? ;-)

Question 3.  Which one was apt to be first to the return point, and 
which one would be apt to be late and why ?

Question 4.  Which one's outfit, tackle, rod, etc. was more expensive ?

Question 5.  Which one would be more inclined to smoke cigars ?

Hope you enjoyed this little exercise.  I'm not picking on either, for I 
fish equally with nymphs and drys. :-P

Since this is fishing related, feel free to answer ON LIST.  Should be FUN !

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JIMMY D. MOORE    jdmo...@fishgame.com                                          
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Member TOWA, Retired Scout Exec. BSA.                       
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