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On Jan 21, 2010, at 8:09 PM, Tom Davenport wrote:

> The Outdoor Retailers Expo has returned to Salt Lake City.  The last time
it was here, Tony was tying for Gudebrod, and I was able to visit him and
crash the show (which isn't open to the public).  Visiting Tony was the
prime objective, but it was also fun to hobnob with the luminaries of the
sport who usually come to this expo. 

Wow !!  Don O and I both tied in the Whiting booth at that show.
Met Tony and  Ginger Allen ( I may have the name wrong)
She was a great tier and a full time naturalist. I have fished with her and
husband. Actually introduced him to the owner of Mitzi and they got a great
deal on a skiff.
Dave Lewis and his wife were also at that show.

DonO and I went out for Indian food. Don carefully instructed the
waiter that he always order extra, extra hot and nobody ever makes it "that"
I started crying when the waiter was 10' from the table. After 3 bites, he
was the color of an overly ripe plum, but he ate the whole damn dish.
It was liquid fire.


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