I too am a "founding" member. Unlike many I go way back to the
Newsgroups days, what a chaotic mess that was!! VFB traffic is
reasonable. Other formats generally require one to go to a URL, when
the Streamer list went that way I went away. The Google digest is
friendly, one click and I'm able to respond. Like many originals (such
as Hans W), I tend to respond only to those threads of particular
interest. Also, with possibly 10,000 flies, swaps have mostly lost
their raison d'etre. While still a member of FF@, I haven't posted in
years. The volume of posts is too much for individual setting, and
I've never been keen on their digest. I'm also a member of Jimmy's
Flyfishingworld list, and while quiet, occasionally has a good thread.
To me VFB is healthy. While unable to run the monster caddis swap, it
seems to me that most of the announced swaps find a reasonable number
of participants. Unfortunately the world has changed for the worst;
many of us remember when flying might actually be enjoyable!!! Cross-
border mail has become both expensive and a total hassle---it would
never occur to me to send flies to the US. The last time I tried to
send flies to a US magazine they were locked in a customs warehouse in
Atlanta and the magazine was told to cough up several hundred dollars
(they declined!!).

Paul Marriner

On Jan 26, 4:40 pm, "Neville Gosling" <nev.gosl...@shaw.ca> wrote:
> David:
> This is a quote taken directly from my Jan 2010 newsletter sent to my fellow
> club members

> Neville (Nev) Gosling
> Greater Vancouver,
> B.C. Canada

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