Folks: Here’s the situation on my wife. The doc came in just a little bit ago 
and said the X-Rays etc showed that the blood clot(s) had evidently not 
completely dissolved and passed from the other day. She had told us outright 
the other day that since my wife’s new to her job and has no insurance, that 
she was sending her home a day or two earlier than had she had good insurance. 
Ain’t that how it goes???  Anyway, to quote my wife this morning “This is more 
painful than having a baby”.  And it’s going to get worse before it gets better 
according to the doc because they are having to give her breathing treatments, 
to ward off pneumonia, because she tries to hold back the coughing and deep 
breathing because it hurts a lot worse to breath deeply or to cough. But, the 
doc says that she MUST cough to get the lungs clear both of the clots and to 
stop pneumonia.  They now have her in dilaudid (sp) for pain.

Now, my question for everybody is this. Or at least to anybody who may have 
ever had a blood clot in their lungs. Are blood clots REALLY that painful??? I 
mean, I know they are, cause my wife has a high threshold for pain, but is the 
doc being totally honest in that THAT is what is causing THAT much pain??? The 
doc says that THAT much severe pain is “normal” in having and/or getting rid of 
blood clots. Is the doc being totally honest??? If so, how long should the pain 
last from the onset of treatment??? I know everybody is different, and the 
number, size, and location of the clots all play into it, but this has me 
worried that the doc isn’t being totally honest about this??? Thanks for ANY 
answers in advance. Chuck

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