Michael Verdi wrote:

> I wasn't trying to cruelly shame somebody out of their dream.  I'm
> all about helping people do their thing.  My whole point is, if you
> want to make money as a content producer go do TV or radio because
> it's not happening here.  If you do want to videoblog, I stand by my
> advice.  I think it's good for everyone.
Is your advice sound?  Yes.  Is your attitude poor?  Yes.  The guy would probably be perfectly happy to start without sponsorship, but he doesn't know any better, it appears.  You could have provided that same advice without pouncing on the guy.  Seriously, every time someone mentions the topic of sponsorship, advertising, making money in any way, etc, no matter how misguided, you've gone into a tirade.

I really like you, your work is awesome, and your rants crack me the hell up.  Your work has been invaluable to the community, but sometimes you really piss me off (yeah, I know, I do my fair share of pissing off too).  Thusly, I've answered with a Verdi-style rant in vlog.



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