Like I said, this is not about RaidoMike personally.  Let me try to 
dial the anger back and try to be clear about what I've been trying 
to say for weeks now.

On Aug 13, 2005, at 9:12 AM, andrew michael baron wrote:
> I think that people who say they DONT want to make money from
> videoblogging, or say "I dont care", are basically saying that this
> is just a hobby for them and they dont take it very seriously (at
> least not as seriously as someone who wants to make a career out of 
> it)

Here's where I'm coming from.  I'm an artist.  I've seen how it goes 
for artists.  Almost all the time you make very little money for what 
you do.  There's always the possibility that you'll be one of the few 
people to make enough money to live off of or maybe you'll even be 
one of the very, very few who becomes wealthy from what they do.  But 
in the end all of that is besides the point.  Let's say somehow God 
were to come down from the sky and say "Verdi, since you don't 
believe in me I'm going to guarantee that you will never make a dime 
from art!"  You know what?  It wouldn't effect what I do one bit.  
Why? Because I don't do any of this to make money.  I do it because I 
love doing it and I have to do it.

Now, for some crazy reason people take this to mean that I don't want 
to make money or even worse, that I'm not serious about what I do.  
I'm not against making money.  I've actually made some money at 
this.  To me it's a miracle and I would love for it to continue.  In 
fact, I'd even like to make more.  But the truth is I'd do all of 
this for free (even the O'Reilly book but those suckers already 
signed a contract with me).  Money is not my motivation.  That comes 
from from the insane pleasure of doing good work. And I take doing 
good work very seriously!  For me videoblogging is part of my now 16 
year career in art.  How it works for me is that I do a bunch of 
stuff - some of it brings in no money some of it does.  I fully 
expect that at any moment I'll be back to doing everything for free.  
That's been the situation many times - just ask my wife, she'll tell 
you lots of stories.

Anyway, I just firmly believe that when you sit down to think about 
what to do in the world and the first thing that comes to mind is 
"what's going to make money?" that you're dooming yourself to 
failure.  That failure may take different forms - artistic, monetary, 
spiritual, all of the above - but rest assured, it'll be there.



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