Your problem is twofold.  One is throughput as you're saying.  The second and harder problem is montly transfer limitations.  I've spent quite a while researching hosting providers, and nobody offers more than 4 terabytes transfer for $200/mo, and about half that for $100/mo.  It doesn't take long serving video times to chew up 2 to 4 terabytes amongst a group of vloggers (one highly linked video could blow that for everyone).  There are no dedicated server options that I have been able to find (that doesn't mean they don't exist, but not at the 30 or so providers I've looked at), that offer anything that comes close to the amount of bandwidth I'd want to share amongst a group of vloggers.  You'd think that if $10/mo buys you 1 TB on a shared managed server, that $100/mo would get you 10TB on a dedicated server (probably more since you're responsible for managing it yourself), but it just isn't the case.


On 2/19/06, Michael Sullivan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
whats the data pipe at dreamhost like? 
if i can get 300-400mb/sec data rate on a dedicated hosting plan, what can i get from a $10 per month dreamhost plan?
this is the performance issue... the BIG issue in my opinion.  and the primary issue behind the interest in this idea.... i think.
does dreamhot throttle data rate?  fat pipes are better ;-)

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