I just had an interesting experience today that put in perspective to 
me just "what" YouTube has become.  YouTube IS online video, 
vlogging, whatever you want to call it.  YouTube is it, it's the Ipod 
of online video and everyone else is sandisk, zune, etc.

Now, why do I say that?  A month or so ago I filmed some footage for 
work to go to an offsite.  The guys and gals where I work know that I 
do video and put stuff online, they know I do not "use" YouTube, that 
I have a vlog site, etc.  

Well I just put together a clip of flubs from the guy who was doing 
the "tour" on the video. (it IS funny btw).  I put it on a VCD 
because I was just going to give it to the guy as a funny gift 
(because the name of the company and such was mentioned I did not 
want to upload it, don't relish getting warned/fired)  I showed it 
this morning and it killed but what was interesting was this.

Everyone said, "That needs to go on YouTube", this from guys and gals 
in age from 20 something to over 50, "This needs to go on 
YouTube"....NOT "hey put it on your site or upload it to blip or 
Revver", or whatever, no it HAS to go on YouTube.....

YouTube is or has become a "the" standard for online video, I mean 
what else can you conclude?  Understand these are not "techy" people, 
yes they may be a little ahead of the curve but trust me, just 
ordinary guys and gals.  YouTube is what the know and what they use 
to watch videos.  I mean it is like it is "America's funniest videos" 
for the web.

So what does this mean?  To me it means the conversation on wheather 
YouTube is "really vlogging" or is here to stay, is a moot point.  
Yes you can become "sucessful" in vlogging or online video without YT 
but to the VAST majority of people if you aint on YT, then you aint 
doing online video....I don't want to say that, I don't want it to be 
true, but I am really beginging to think that it is true.

Maybe I am wrong, I want to be wrong in some ways but I gotta say 
based on my very informal "test"...the YouTube "debate" is over.....


btw yes, I am going to upload the video once I make a few "tweaks" 
and yes I am going to upload it to YouTube as well....because well, 
that's what the guy wanted......

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