Den 15.12.2006 kl. 11:08 skrev Gary Short <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> You are probably correct, but then again it’s just so frustrating that  
> so much energy is being wasted on this feud. How much better would it be  
> if the same energy was being used to create something new and truly  
> innovative?

My reply was the unobtrusive way of telling you and anyone else to stop  
posting in this thread (without me having to put on a 'moderator' hat). It  
has run its course and both points of view have been expressed. Anything  
that will come from this thread in the future is flamebait and mudslinging  
and we don't need that.

So knock it off. Please. Like you say: Create something innovative. That  
ain't gonna happen in this thread.

- Andreas
Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen
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