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Gary, whats the point of telling me Im getting on your nerves? You 
are doing exactly what Andrew Congdon did and I have no problem 
speaking up about it and defending myself.

I think I provided a well rounded argument for disucssion about the 
cost of doing business when merging established media and new media.

When Andrew Congdon chimed in to "refute" my contribution to this 
group by saying "Sour Grapes", I think this shows dolt behavior.

I think this is now your unfortunate oversight.

Your comments should have been directed at him.

> So what was your idea exactly?

Why dont you go back and read the post instead of participating in 
accusing me of "being such a baby" and shooting me down for the 
contributions I give to this field, big or small.

Andrew, you are really starting to get on my nerves now with this 

Give me a brea

it is
so childish, it's like listening to my kids arguing over who has been 
given the
most veg and how it's soooo unfair. For goodness sake stop being such 
a baby.


The sad fact of business is that people come together, they do great 
work and
sometimes they disagree and go their own way - that's life Andrew, 
get over it.
The thing is there is no doubt you have talent, but you are not 
anyone to reach out to you with a new business idea/partnership with 
behavior. People will be reading these outbursts of yours and saying to
themselves, "is this what it is like if it doesn't work out?" and 
they'll be
giving you a big body swerve.

While we are on the subject, stop pretending that Rocketboom was some 
intellectual breakthrough on your part, that it was all your 
wonderful idea.
What utter nonsense. Entertaining though Rocketboom was (and still 
is) there
wasn't a single new idea there. I mean, taking a look at the more 
quirky aspects
of the news? Been done. Fronting the show with a good looking, 
intelligent and
charismatic woman. Been done. Hosting the show as a video cast for 
Been done. So what was your idea exactly?

Like I said though, I don't want to pour oil on troubled waters, as I 
think we
are all tired of hearing about it - just please, get over yourself 
will you?

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