What about all the "other" sites out there that are just "taking" 
peoples feed?  Like blogtelevision.net, the last time I checked my 
feed was there along with porno.....good quality stuff there I tell 
you......my point is  with all of these sites popping up for every 
one that you know about there are probably 100 more just taking your 
feed, embedding it on their site and taking your stuff.  At least 
Network2 and a few others are trying to reach out.  Yes in a perfect 
world, opt-in would be the only way to go, but it's not and by the 
fact we have "public" feeds we will always run the risk of someone 
taking our stuff they link back and don't host which is a big deal to 
me......as for ads.....well, need to think some more on that......


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> Here are my thoughts...
> The reality is there is money to be made in aggregating and 
> content. In other words it's a commercial use of people's content.
> Maybe a site doesn't have ads or even charges money for content but 
> they get lots of viewers because "they have" lots of content then, 
> we've seen with YouTube, they can be valuable. That's value built on
> the backs of others.
> Now I think if you opt-in to something that isn't displaying your
> license or linking to your permalink or is putting ads around your
> stuff than you've obviously agreed to that. No problem there.
> On the other hand, if like in the case of Network2, you have to
> opt-out then that's not cool at all. Some of my content is up there
> and I've never been asked about it. I have no agreement with them
> though they are, in my opinion, commercially using my content. Even 
> you could somehow argue that it wasn't a commercial use, they still
> aren't displaying the terms of my license.
> I also noticed while looking around that Fireant.tv has added ads to
> the page since I last checked. Not cool guys. There weren't any ads
> when I opted in.
> So what do I want from a directory?
> - I want it to be opt-in
> - I want prominent link to my site
> - I want a link to the post's permalink
> - I want a link to my feed (not the directory's feed of my stuff)
> - I want my work's license displayed
> I think this is the minimum required.
> -Verdi

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