Hi Ivan,

I just wanted to say that I think it would be great if you would implement a version of your proposed two-threaded solution. I do not have a firm grasp of all the programming details, but it does seem that the overall idea is converging, and that some time soon the best way to judge the idea is to go ahead and do it.

OK, i will start doing it next Monday.

Note that Alexandra is committed to using a non-trivial amount of resources on developing VIFF and related software. Although this may not mean that lots of man-hours are available just now, it might be possible that they could help you. It may also be more efficient that one guy does it in the first iteration, I'll leave this up to you.

Since it doesn't seem that complicated to me, I will try it on my own first. But I keep that in mind for the case that I'm wrong.

Note that myself, Martin and Jakob will not be at the meeting Thursday. Maybe we should postpone the meeting until next week?

Me neither, I'm on holidays until the weekend. Therefore, I would agree to postpone the meeting.

Best regards,

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