Here are a couple of late quotes from Corona's thesis:

"Vihuela or lute, they are the same although not in the shape, whether they
are of four, five, six or more courses"
Mateo Aleman, Ortografia castellana (Mexico City, 1609)

"Vihuela fn. Stringed musical instrument which according to Covarrubias was
the lyre of antiquity, but today it commonly means the same as the guitar"
Diccionario de Autoridades, Madrid 1726-39 

In other words, a vihuela is both a lute and a guitar. Take your pick - or

Seriously, If Alexander is saying (and I may have misunderstood him) that
the vihuela and the guitar are one and the same, is Fuenllana's 5c vihuela
music (in baroque guitar tuning) the earliest 5c guitar music? And should it
therefore be played on a 5c guitar? [I am avoiding using the term 'baroque
guitar' as the word 'baroque' is misleading and is of course a modern name,
which should be dropped from the nomenclature.] If you were to make a 5c
vihuela, Alexander, how might it differ from a 5c guitar? I'm not trying to
catch you out - I am still a wee bit confused.


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