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On 23/09/06, George V. Reilly <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Edward L. Fox wrote:
> But we should change one thing before we include this patch into the
> official version. In the patch file, line 97:
> +    execute "normal! A\npre { font-family: courier; color: " . s:fgc
> . "; background-color: " . s:bgc . "; }\e"
> Should be:
> +    execute "normal! A\npre { font-family: Courier, monospace; color:
> " . s:fgc . "; background-color: " . s:bgc . "; }\e"
> As W3C suggested, every "font-family" indication must finish with a
> *GENERIC* font family name, possible values are "serif", "sans-serif"
> or "monospace". So I added "monospace" here.

Agreed. I didn't know this until now. I will update my patch later today.

I'd like to request that the wretchedly ugly Courier font *NOT* be
hardcoded in to 2html.vim. I always end up removing it when I use 2html.
The font-family should either be just "monospace" or allow a global
variable to set the font.

I favour the variable, but courier is a good default. Most books use
the courier font for verbatim text like code, it is the globally

s/the courier font/some Courier font/

"Courier New" is a fixed-width scalable font which has the typical "Courier" look, but unlike the bitmapped "Courier" font, it displays correctly (with curves, not enlarged bitmaps) in all font sizes. I use it in Vim on Windoze when editing Russian (because my favourite font, Lucida_Console, is not actually fixed-width in bold Cyrillic) or Arabic (because Lucida_Console simply lacks Arabic glyphs).

An alternative to hardcoding the font face name would be inferring it from e.g. the 'guifont' option; but this might be less than obvious on non-GTK2 non-kvim X11 versions of the GUI (cf. ":help XLFD"), and it would of course not be possible in Console Vim.

recognized "this part is code" font.

Again I will update my patch and reply when done.

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