On Sun, 2006-09-24 at 00:31 +0200, Michael Schaap wrote:
> I beg you, please don't hardcode Courier New!

Hear, hear!

> Not only is it the worst possible monospaced screen font, it is also
> Microsoft specific (in spite of it finding its way onto Tony's Linux
> box). (Even Microsoft has seen the light, and changed the default
> monospaced font to Consolas in Windows Vista.)
> The proper thing to do is to only list "font-family: monospace".
> That will use the default monospaced font on any platform, which is
> Courier New by default in any case on current Windows browsers. Only
> people who have consciously chosen to change their monospaced font
> (and people on non-Windows platforms) will not see Courier New.

It's not just the proper way, it's the first thing discussed in the


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