Robert Lee wrote:
Counterwish #2: Dump VimScript and replace it with EMCAScript (maybe using SpiderMonkey) so that people don't need to learn a new language just to change the color scheme or keyboard mappings. Yes, this will break backwards compatibility. Tough.

Don't? WTF EMCAScript? If you want to replace vimscript by something I already know (yes, /I/ am people), use COBOL, BASIC or FORTRAN. Or even ALGOL. At least vimscript uses the same commands as those which I type at the vim command-line.

OTOH, some other "people" prefer LISP. But replacing vimscript by Lisp has already been done: it's called Emacs.

Or if you want to scrap ex-commands everywhere (even when typed-in by hand, one by one) and use EMC-WTF instead, go ahead, I'm not detaining you. But don't call your new editor Vim.

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Real Programs don't use shared text.  Otherwise, how can they use
functions for scratch space after they are finished calling them?

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