ZyX wrote:

> And this one fixes tests. And I still do not have any memory access
> errors, probably they were fixed by the previous posted diff. Some
> memory leaks are there, but nothing marked “definitely lost” in
> my code:

Memory lost in x11 functions is not our problem.

> Fix SystemErrors by adding RAISE_NO_EMPTY_KEYS in proper places; purge
> DICTKEY_* macros

I still see a big difference between the output and what is supposed to
be the output.

In test86 output lines 757 to 1075 are missing.  It's like some part of
the test didn't run.

In test87 there are a few errors in several lines.  E.g. getting
"SyntaxError" instead of "TypeError".

I'll keep the tests disabled until this is solved.

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