ZyX wrote:

> > > I still see a big difference between the output and what is supposed to
> > > be the output.
> > >
> > > In test86 output lines 757 to 1075 are missing.  It's like some part of
> > > the test didn't run.
> > 
> > I see the same difference in test86.
> > 
> > > In test87 there are a few errors in several lines.  E.g. getting
> > > "SyntaxError" instead of "TypeError".
> > 
> > I also see that difference in test87.
> > 
> > Furthermore, I see this kind of errors in "test87.failed" which
> > I do not see in "test87.ok":
> > 
> > E: This Vim cannot execute :python after using :py
> > E: Sorry, this command is disabled, the Python library could not be loaded.
> > 
> > Glancing at test87.in, I see that I invokes the :py3 command
> > at line 7 for example as well as the :py command (at line 711 for
> > example).
> Thanks. I am wondering though why using both pythons at a time is
> disabled in your vim, I can call both when choose both python/dyn and
> python3/dyn at a time.

On Linux the two dynamic libraries interfere.  When one is loaded it
won't work to load the other one.  Vim will therefore only support the
first one that is used.

When using static libraries the build only works with either Python 2 or
Python 3.  When trying to build with both configure will automatically
fall back to dynamic loading.

This is explained under :help python3.

This patch made test 87 almost pass.

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