I'm jaehak Kim and I downloaded Gvim for windows for the first time.
OS of computer is windows7 64bit.
It is very convenient , so I'm grateful to you.
but problem is generated, I wanted to edit the Gvim by _vimrc .
Some commands do not work.
when I command 'set tw=120' , it has no effect. Always textwidth is 78 in 
(*.txt), and 0 in (*.c)
editor is not compatible and nopaste , but I don't understand why this 
happening is happened
Would you tell me why it is happened?
and what should I do to change textwidth of gvim editor?


plus, when I refresh configuration, by this command

map <F5> :source c:\Program Files <x86>\Vim\_gvimrc<CR>

message like "Function MyDiff already exists~~" was shown.

There is no inconvenience in use, but it is just on my mind.

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