On Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 10:45:07 AM UTC-5, 김재학 wrote:
> Thank you for your immediate responds, Magnus Woldrich!
> I did that you said, but it doesn't work. ㅠㅠ
> When I input command ":verbose set tw?" in _gvimrc, it works, 
> tw was set at 120 in only _gvimrc, but it didn't in other txt files.

You misunderstood.

":verbose set tw?" was not intended as a command in your configuration to fix 
the problem. It is a debugging tool that you enter interactively to FIND the 
problem. That command will output the current value of the textwidth option, 
and also tell you which script set that value.

> when I open *.txt files and input command ":set tw=120" directly, it works.
> but it is applied until the file is closed. 

Most likely, the value is getting set in some ftplugin or in a FileType autocmd 
for text and C files. You will need to edit that config file, or provide an 
override in an autocmd or after directory, or some similar solution.

> I attached some pictures about my configuration.

WHY?! Next time please just attach the textual config file itself, or 
copy-paste the text into your email.

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