Hello everyone,

I am a bit confused about rather or not my iPhone SE is already 
unlocked, or not.

I want to switch carriers, as I just have poor coverage with T-Mobile. 
So I was thinking I would just use AT&T's pre-paid service.

So last night I called T-Mobile. I'm not in a contract. I am just paying 
off my phone.

I asked the man I spoke with what I would need to do, if I wanted to 
switch carriers, and still keep my number. He told me that I could 
switch, but that only the other carrier could tell me what they needed.

So then I asked him how much I still owed on my iPhone, and if it was 

He told me that it couldn't be unlocked from their network, until I paid 
it off.

Can anyone tell me, is this correct?

I only want to check, because I get told differing things with T-Mobile 
sometimes. So if anyone can answer this for me, I would appreciate it.

Thank you,


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