Yes, Big Calc Free works very well with VoiceOver on the iPad.  It may be 
because there is an in-app purchase option to use this as a talking calculator 
that the accessibility is so good.  Of course, you don't need to purchase that 
option.  And when I said that you could check the contents of the memory 
register by simply touching the key for it on the keypad, I meant exactly that: 
a blind VoiceOver user who starts adding items to the memory register will find 
that once there are numbers in the memory register its key label on the keypad 
updates to the register contents, so touching that key now gives the number in 
that register instead of "MR".

The only thing is that you need to double or split tap keys to enter numbers.

Sorry I pasted in the App Store URL again for the mail archive post with my 
detailed description:
• Re: Calculator for iPad
The App Store link is:
Big Calculator Free (free iPad app) by Tioga Designs LLC

You could also try VOCalc, which is a paid app, for $0.99, I think



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