On 9/19/18 8:39 AM, Mark Wilkinson UPM wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm following the instructions at
> http://vos.openlinksw.com/owiki/wiki/VOS/VirtLDP and am not having
> much joy. (Virtuoso 7.20)
> A few things:
> in Conductor, steps 3 and 4 of "enable LDP on folder" - the
> screenshots don't match what I see.  I have an additional checkbox for
> "LDP enable/disable" (which I have set to "on").  I am unable to set
> properties LDP = ldp:BasicContainer as indicated in the instructions. 
> The LDP property is not in the dropdown list, and if I type it
> manually and press "update" it doesn't stick - it isn't there the next
> time I look at the properties.  I'm guessing that it is working (??)
> because I can create LDP containers as expected... but it's
> disconcerting.
> I am, however, unable to create an ldp:Resource from a turtle file. 
> Every Turtle file I try to send (Content-type: text/turtle) fails with
> a HTTP 500:  SP029: TURTLE RDF loader, line 1: syntax error (both PUT
> and POST).
> (There is no syntax error in my turtle file - I have tried with
> several, including sample files from W3C)
> I am able to create an ldp:Resource that is plaintext (Content-type:
> text/plain header), and the container correctly gets the additional
> "contains" property, so that seems to be working well!
> Any advice on creating RDF resources?
> Thanks!
> Mark

Hi Mark,

You need to install the  ODS-Framework [1] and ODS-Briefcase [2] modules
atop your Virtuoso instance. Net effect, it adds an LDP layer to the
Virtuoso WebDAV core.

Once installed, you can simply perform the following verification tests.

Setup verification tests:

1. curl -X OPTIONS -IH "Accept: text/turtle" {URI-of-LDP-Folder}

2. curl -iH "Accept: text/turtle" {URI-of-LDP-Folder}

If the above is successful, you can perform some based read-write tests:


curl --cert {pkcs#12-file}.p12:1234 --cert-type P12 -X POST -H
'Content-Type: application/ld+json' \
-d '[{"@id":"","http://schema.org/name":"Foo"}]'


curl --cert {pkcs#12-file}.p12:1234 --cert-type P12 -X POST
-H'Content-Type: text/turtle' \
-d '<#this> <#relatedTo> <#that> .' {URI-of-LDP-Folder}/test.ttl




-- Post about LDP & Virtuoso .


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