Hi all,

I'm following the instructions at http://vos.openlinksw.com/owiki/wiki/VOS/VirtLDP and am not having much joy. (Virtuoso 7.20)

A few things:

in Conductor, steps 3 and 4 of "enable LDP on folder" - the screenshots don't match what I see.  I have an additional checkbox for "LDP enable/disable" (which I have set to "on").  I am unable to set properties LDP = ldp:BasicContainer as indicated in the instructions.  The LDP property is not in the dropdown list, and if I type it manually and press "update" it doesn't stick - it isn't there the next time I look at the properties.  I'm guessing that it is working (??) because I can create LDP containers as expected... but it's disconcerting.

I am, however, unable to create an ldp:Resource from a turtle file.  Every Turtle file I try to send (Content-type: text/turtle) fails with a HTTP 500:  SP029: TURTLE RDF loader, line 1: syntax error (both PUT and POST).

(There is no syntax error in my turtle file - I have tried with several, including sample files from W3C)

I am able to create an ldp:Resource that is plaintext (Content-type: text/plain header), and the container correctly gets the additional "contains" property, so that seems to be working well!

Any advice on creating RDF resources?



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