Thanks, I'll try that later today.

MIght be worthwhile adding these instructions to the manual page describing LDP, as neither the requirement for ODS, nor the different packages for OS vs Enterprise are described there.



On 09/19/2018 05:01 PM, Patrick van Kleef wrote:

You need to install the  ODS-Framework [1] and ODS-Briefcase [2] modules
atop your Virtuoso instance. Net effect, it adds an LDP layer to the
Virtuoso WebDAV core.

Once installed, you can simply perform the following verification tests.

Setup verification tests:

1. curl -X OPTIONS -IH "Accept: text/turtle" {URI-of-LDP-Folder}

2. curl -iH "Accept: text/turtle" {URI-of-LDP-Folder}

If the above is successful, you can perform some based read-write tests:


curl --cert {pkcs#12-file}.p12:1234 --cert-type P12 -X POST -H
'Content-Type: application/ld+json' \
-d '[{"@id":"","":"Foo"}]'


curl --cert {pkcs#12-file}.p12:1234 --cert-type P12 -X POST
-H'Content-Type: text/turtle' \
-d '<#this> <#relatedTo> <#that> .' {URI-of-LDP-Folder}/test.ttl

VOS requires a different version of the ODS packages in order to work:




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