After installing the packages via Conductor upload, and confirming that ods is now an option (the interface is now available) I'm still hitting problems.

I can start "briefcase", and see folders that belong to me (dav user - logged-in); however,I cannot interact with them.  I just get thrown back to the ODS login page (even though I am logged-in!), which then rejects my dav username and password.

If I simply attempt to interact with (via LDP curl calls)  the Public or RDFData folders within the dav folder, I still get the turtle parser error that I initially reported.

So... I'm not making a lot of progress.



On 09/19/2018 05:01 PM, Patrick van Kleef wrote:

You need to install the  ODS-Framework [1] and ODS-Briefcase [2] modules
atop your Virtuoso instance. Net effect, it adds an LDP layer to the
Virtuoso WebDAV core.

Once installed, you can simply perform the following verification tests.

Setup verification tests:

1. curl -X OPTIONS -IH "Accept: text/turtle" {URI-of-LDP-Folder}

2. curl -iH "Accept: text/turtle" {URI-of-LDP-Folder}

If the above is successful, you can perform some based read-write tests:


curl --cert {pkcs#12-file}.p12:1234 --cert-type P12 -X POST -H
'Content-Type: application/ld+json' \
-d '[{"@id":"","":"Foo"}]'


curl --cert {pkcs#12-file}.p12:1234 --cert-type P12 -X POST
-H'Content-Type: text/turtle' \
-d '<#this> <#relatedTo> <#that> .' {URI-of-LDP-Folder}/test.ttl

VOS requires a different version of the ODS packages in order to work:




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