On 1/25/19 9:50 AM, Peter Lawrence wrote:
> I have created an OData2SPARQL proxy server that publishes any RDF
> model as an OData service
> (http://inova8.com/bg_inova8.com/offerings/odata2sparql/) . That
> service can then be consumed via many HTML/JavaScript frameworks. I
> prefer to use OpenUI5 (https://openui5.org/) but there are many
> others. This combination then allows full round trip viewing and
> editing of the RDF. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFhcsS8Bx-U).
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> On Fri, 25 Jan 2019 at 14:21, Pantelis Natsiavas <natsia...@gmail.com
> <mailto:natsia...@gmail.com>> wrote:
>     I am looking for an RDF/OWL based Domain Driven Development (DDD)
>     framework.
>     I have an OWL ontology used as a TBox model uploaded on my
>     Virtuoso (open source edition) and I want to build CRUD
>     (create-retrieve-update-delete) forms upon my classes defined in
>     the TBox. For example, for classes “Student” and “Teacher” I would
>     like to create two forms allowing me to
>     create-retrieve-update-delete their instances (and of course their
>     property values) using a simple User Interface (UI).
>     If nobody could suggest a solution working out of the box, I was
>     thinking that perhaps I could use a data access library for
>     virtuoso (e.g. ADO NET/Entity Framework or JDBC/Hibernate) to get
>     my *RDF/OWL classes as entities*, and then use .NET or Java based
>     Rapid Application Development (RAD) frameworks based on the
>     produced entities. I have seen similar approaches on relevant
>     (quite outdated) tutorials (tutorial1
>     <http://vos.openlinksw.com/owiki/wiki/VOS/VirtRDFODataExample> and 
> tutorial2
> <http://vos.openlinksw.com/owiki/wiki/VOS/VirtUsingMsAdoNetDataServicesWithVirtuoso>)
>     My questions:
>      1. Could anyone propose a specific software stack following this
>         rationale of DDD upon RDF/OWL classes?
>      2. I can only find examples using rather old versions of Visual
>         Studio. Are the ADO NET and JDBCconnectors stable and updated?
>         Can they be used with recent versions of .NET/java development
>         stack?
>         3.Is my assumption (i.e. that I could produce .NET or
>         Java *entities corresponding to my RDF/OWL classes* via ADO
>         NET or Hibernate) valid?
>     Best regards,
>     Pantelis Natsiavas
>     PS. I have also posted the same question in the community forum
> <https://community.openlinksw.com/t/editing-forms-based-on-rdf-owl-classes/615>
>  because
>     it is not clear to me whether this email list is active or not.
>     Sorry for double posting.
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Hi Peter,

I would very much like to get this OData->SPARQL bridge working so that
it can be widely promoted.  

A few questions:

1. How does it handle protected SPARQL Endpoints?

2. Do you have a live demo instance anywhere ?


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