A mainstream CF researcher asked Ed Storms and I to tone down or remove the 
Manifesto we posted on Thursday, "THE DOE LIES!" I asked Mel Miles whether he 
thinks it is over the top. He replied with a very depressing message. He says 
he understands why traditionally minded academic researchers may feel this is 
excessive, but he thinks the Manifesto is justified, and he agrees we should 
leave it.

He also said the university stands by him, and would like him to work on CF 
full time. They have even agreed to release him from teaching. But without 
funding the project cannot begin. Miles has been looking for funding for years. 
He even considered going to China. He feels the DoE was his last chance. He is 
old, and he will probably retire for good now. He yearns to do another CF 
experiment, but he has no way to do it.

I have a feeling we -- the people who support CF -- should try to make this a 
cause celebre. Perhaps this time the public will see that the opposition has 
gone too far. Ed & I are trying to stir up the public with out bold red 
headline, but so far the response has been lukewarm. 150 copies of the 
Manifesto have been downloaded.

I am not sure what we should do, or what we can can do. But I have a sense that 
Mel is a perfect "poster boy" (as the dreadful modern cliche has it).  Consider:

The University supports him, and is willing to let him do research full time.
He has a stellar record.
He is old; this is his last chance.

As for what else we can do . . .  Does anyone here have suggestions? If there 
are steps that cost a few thousand dollars I would be willing to pay for them. 
The most effective steps probably will not cost much. Here are few ideas:

Expand the headlines and the document. Call upon the readers here and at 
LENR-CANR to speak up, contact their Congressmen, contact reporters. Of course 
we have all done this sort of thing before, but we have seldom had such a 
clear-cut injustice, and such a straightforward, reasonable demand. I think 
people will see that we are
not asking for much. We want the government to give a research grant to a 
scientist that the government itself nominated at "Distinguished Fellow." If 
that is not a reasonable, sensible demand, what is?

Perhaps we could purchase advertising on Google. Not sure what, but whenever 
anyone types "cold fusion," or "energy" we could have small ad come up saying:

[Link to LENR-CANR.org]

Putting an ad like that in newspapers would be terribly expensive, but perhaps 
Google would be cheaper. I do not know.

If thousands, or tens of thousands, of people read the manifesto (and the HTML 
pages), and they contacted the authorities, perhaps it would have an effect.

Other CF researchers would prefer we do this quietly, behind the scenes, the 
polite academic old-school way. Ed & I feel that the time for that has passed.

- Jed

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