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> ECCO shows that the preparation of the LENR fuel is required for a
> sucessful LENR reaction to take hold.
> This was true for the Papp engine all the way up to and including the
> Rossi and ME356 reactors.
> We have to ask ourselves, what can the preparation of fuel do to enable
> the LENR effect? Something is produced in the fuel that is special. A
> theory of LENR must include a description and the function of the special
> element in the fuel.

AFAIK, surface area is being maximized at some scale which is crucial for
cold fusion reactions to occur efficiently -- same inside a lattice as on
the surface of particles. There are probably any number of configurations
which would work, depending on the elements involved. Lots of variables

Apparently, the smaller the grains -- the more closely the system
approaches an ideal state. Whatever that is.

> ECCO uses cavitation to produce this special thing.

This has to be one of the most important facts to take away from this (and
other?) cold fusion experiments. Cavitation -- along with directly-applied
radiation of sundry frequencies -- appears to be a/the most efficient
method of getting energy directly into whatever matter matrix is required
to sustain a reaction.

> One of the most closely held secret that Rossi has is his method of fuel
> production. For example in the IH/Rossi lawsuit settlement, IH was force to
> destroy all written records about the production of the fuel.

Secrecy empowers the powerful. It is, *by its very nature*,
ANTI-democratic. i.e.: a THREAT to democracy -- and thus a threat to
scientific inquiry and the scientific method. Not to mention good

By corollary, the seeking-after of 'profit' is the handmaiden of said
secrecy and power-mongering.

> In the ME356 reactor test, ME356 states that this fuel was weak because he
> did not have enough time to process the fuel. So the duel must be a state
> of matter that contains a LENR sensitive factor that takes time to produce
> and that factor increases over time. The ECCO fuel preparation process
> takes 200 hours to complete. So a cavitation based factor must accumulate
> the LENR factor a little at a time to become LENR enabled.
> What can noble gas compounds and cavitation have in common?
> Anybody have any ideas?

Noble gases are essentially inert..?

AFAIK, what takes time here is the grinding down of the powder in a slurry,
to the optimum particle size: AFAIC _not_ a likely issue in any commercial
production process.

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