A polariton is a special quasiparticle. It is an electron that has has most
of its mass and charge removed. It can only exist when it is generated by a
nanoparticle or a pit or bump in the surface of a metal.


This is a picture of polariton formation in pits and bumps in a metal.

As a special case, metallic hydrogen is a nanowire that produces the LENR
reaction without a plasma forming. This includes other hydrogen based
metalized compounds like water.

But when a plasma is used to produce the LENR reaction, because the
polariton needs is a nanoparticle to exist, it is passively critical. When
that nanoparticle vaporizes, the polariton dies. So a dirty plasma that is
passively maintained at the vaporization point of a given metal will
produce many self sustaining forms of energy including heat, light. XUV.
x-rays, gamma, pressure from fast particle generated shock waves, electrons
 and various other types of subatomic particles.

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> On 8/12/17, Axil Axil <janap...@gmail.com> wrote:
>   What we see in that polariton
> > condensate is how the universe functioned during the first few seconds at
> > the beginning of the universe before the universe cooled.
>  ***That's disheartening.   It would mean there is very little chance
> of stabilizing such a condition to be able to harness it for energy.

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