I imagine that would be Stanley Meyer. or was that a comment on the misspelling?


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I do not know of the Mayer person you mention?

I guess he could be part of the hot fusion bunch, however—lots of scam artists there.

Bob Cook

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    If you believe in MiB, then it is axiomatic that you believe in
    UFO conspiracies as well.

    Unfortunately this leaves you blind to scams by experts Rossi,
    Papp, Mills and Mayer.

What a stupid thing to assert. NOT 'axiomatic'. Actually a NON SEQUITUR.

So who's blind here, eh?

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    novel form ofLENR?

    On Mon, Sep 25, 2017 at 9:50 AM, Brian Ahern <
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    > LeClair hides behind the conspiracy curtain. "He can't do any
    demos or the Men in Black will get him."

    Whatever the truth of anything else being claimed here on this
    eList -- the so-called 'MiB' are very, VERY, *VERY* real. Forget

    People who predictably scoff at the very real threat posed to
    regime opponents of all kinds, are themselves not to be taken
    seriously, hear..? Such as yourself clearly do not understand how
    REAL power is used in this World. 'OU' researchers are obviously
    (to non-fools) MOST definitely 'of interest' to Status Quo
    'Concerns': who want to KEEP things that way... (Got it?)
    Regardless. Ruthlessly and MOST criminally, if necessary. VERY
    'Mafia'... and today, **most clearly right up to the oligarchic
    U.S. President himself** (Gawd help us...). Take a GOOD look at
    that publicity-seeking buffoon: because _behind_ him are similar
    others who *avoid* the limelight he seeks. And for good reason.
    THEY wield this awful power over us, which frightens so many.

    So we should be kinder to these people; and maybe understand the
    perhaps *justified* paranoia of those now in possession of
    something *possibly just worth stealing*... or shutting them up about.

    (Sheesh. Why does this have to be spelled out to pompous fools who
    won't listen anyway...)

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